OMNI believes in building “green” – it’s better for our tenants, communities, and planet. 

Omni is playing its part in reducing greenhouse emissions, all while providing quality affordable housing that is energy efficient, and healthier for our tenants. 

We’ve received numerous recognition for our work that include:




Urban Green Award for Energy Efficient Renovations

Enterprise Green Community Award

ConEd Green Team Energy Efficiency Award

New York Energy Smart Builders Achievement

NYS Energy Research & Development Authority

Through its participation in these programs, OMNI has created 32 energy efficient properties comprising over 8,200 units.

Omni is especially proud to have earned its first LEED Gold Certification for its Morris Avenue Apartments complex in the Bronx.  The complex includes rooftop solar panels and a clean microturbine cogeneration unit that offsets a portion of the property’s electricity usage.  The cogeneration unit also satisfies domestic hot water requirements and acts as a backup emergency generator.  Other sustainable and energy efficient building elements include bamboo flooring, Energy Star rated appliances and water saving fixtures.  The building has designated areas for recycling and an interior bicycle room for the tenants and local employees.

Omni has also received Certified Passive House for their building Park Avenue Green in the Bronx. This is the largest affordable housing building in North America to receive PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) Certification. Passive House standards are to increase energy efficiency, achieve significant costs savings on utilities and improve the building’s air quality. Specifically, the building has an extremely airtight building envelope, continuous insulation, high performance windows and an energy recovery ventilation system (ERVs). The building eliminates conditioned air loss, thermal bridging and the infiltration of outside air and moisture to increase the building’s resiliency and provides more comfort and better air quality to the tenants.


In pursuit of its “green” initiatives, Omni participates in programs such as: